Mission Statement


help othersEvery activity undertaken by our company is driven by the unique goal to HELP OTHERS, to guide them to become financially independent and to teach them to apply the same concept to their fellow.

We achieve this Mission by promoting the most innovative knowledge, lifestyle, skills and methods existing on the market, through personal development, teamwork and partnerships.

We work ceaselessly to help our partners to realize their highest dreams, to fulfil their most meaningful personal goals in life and to learn how to give back what they have received.

In doing so, we believe that we positively transform the lives of a constantly growing number of human beings and highly contribute to build a better planet.


Millions of people throughout the world have no job and are even in need of the most basic and essential life commodities, including home, food and water.

Wealth is far from being equally distributed and most of the time, a very marginal percentage of the human population is enjoying the largest share of the pie.

Better balance of ABUNDANCE between people around the world is urgently required but will only become reality if real true ENTREPRENEURS and LEADERS set up PARTNERSHIPS to unify their strength, skills, knowledge and charisma, and work restlessly to achieve this change.

We see our Company MONEY BUILDERS LLC as a keystone sustaining the vault of SUCCESS in entrepreneurship, leadership and partnership for a better life of ABUNDANCE around the world. 


  • We believe in PEOPLE because without them, even the most sophisticated software or computer would not work.
  • We believe that each human being has a unique personality, set of skills and gifts which, once revealed, will EMPOWER and lead that person to SUCCESS.
  • In order to become successful, we believe that one must have a VISION of what to achieve in life, decide on personal GOALS, take the LEAD and take CONTROL of one’s life and focus to fulfil that VISION.
  • We believe that PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is essential to achieve GOALS.
  • We believe that one must learn from successful LEADERS and ENTREPRENEURS.
  • We believe in MENTORING.
  • We believe that ten brains work better and achieve higher results than one alone.
  • We believe in TEAM BUILDING and TEAMWORK because each member will learn from the rest of the team and will benefit from that experience.
  • We believe that internet is the largest market ever and that it offers a unique opportunity for people from all around the world to create a NETWORK of human being who pursues similar GOALS, who WORK TOGETHER and contribute to build a better planet.
  • We believe in PARTNERSHIPS because alliances between successful businesses will leverage RESULTS.
  • We believe that we have a duty to provide our customers and partners with the BEST QUALITY of PRODUCTS, SERVICES and SUPPORT.
  • We commit to constantly develop our Company’s knowledge, expertise and quality of service in order to offer the world’s most innovative self development, training and leadership development products to our customers and partners.
  • We believe that we are building a community of active ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS who generously share their knowledge, gifts and skills with OTHERS, creating a stream of contagious SUCCESS where new mutually beneficial alliances are always being formed.
  • We believe that our Company MONEY BUILDERS LLC and each individual who has reached ABUNDANCE should GIVE BACK to Church, to others, or to Charity and therefore contribute to build a better balance of wealth worldwide.
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